Facial Palsy and what it is like to live with facial paralysis

Facial Palsy is lonely, find someone else who has Facial Palsy

People with Facial Palsy

One of the best things about having facial palsy is the amount of friends I have made because of it.  It's no longer a lonely world where no one else understands the pain of growing up with a wonky smile, these days I feel like I am a member of a very special club, I have made friends from all over the world who understand exactly how I feel.  We all have different degrees of facial palsy, but we all share the common understanding of what a potentially cruel beginning it is in life to be unable to smile normally, but thankfully, most of the people I have met have adapted brilliantly, and being unable to smile normally has not held us back.  There are a couple of groups on Facebook for people with facial palsy or parents of children with facial paralysis and it's good to know other people who are in a similar situation to talk to. 

Facial Palsy is very rare and hence can be quite lonely for people living with it and their families.  Information is not readily available due to there often being no straightforward reason for what causes it, there are many different reasons for its occurrence and doctors are often vague with regards to prognosis.

Support groups on the internet are as follows: -

I was an FP Kid - Just for people who had facial palsy in childhood

Health Unlocked (Facial Palsy UK)

Facial Palsy UK Parents & Carers Group - strictly only for parents and carers of children with facial palsy.