Facial Palsy and what it is like to live with facial paralysis

Facial Paralysis Surgery, the options available

Facial Palsy Surgery / Smile Surgery

Surgery for people with facial palsy is not always successful, and doesn't restore a face perfectly, but some people have been pleased with the results and advancements are being made all the time.  Other people choose not to have surgery and live happy normal lives.  From personal experience, I would say that there is every likelihood that a baby born with facial palsy will show some improvement throughout childhood, so if this is what your doctor tells you then please do believe it.  I am not a doctor though so please always refer to your doctor about prognosis for facial palsy sufferers.

Facial Paralysis surgeons who I have heard good things about

While I can't personally recommend these surgeons, I have had contact online with people who have had facial palsy surgery performed by them and who have been happy with the results.

Miss Kallirroi Tzafetta - Chelmsford, UK - Smile Surgery. Miss Tzafetta is a Plastic Surgeon Consultant and has specialised in Facial Paralysis. She runs facial palsy clinics and performs surgeries at: St Andrew's Centre of Plastic Surgery and Burns, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford.

Dr Panossian - California, USA - trained under Drs. Zuker and Manktelow in Toronto.  This surgeon offers gracilis transfer and the temporalis lengthening myoplasty, pioneered by Dr. Daniel Labbe in France. 

Dr Levine - California - this surgeon pioneered the surgery to correct eyelids that won't blink, eyelid reanimation

Dr Zuker and Dr Manktelow - Toronto, Canada - Smile Surgery

Dr Christopher Coombs - Melbourne, Australia - Smile Surgery

Dr Hadlock - Facial Nerve Center, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Boston

Mr Omar Ahmed - Northern Facial Nerve Centre, Newcastle - Smile Surgery & Facial Therapy (Full facial function clinic and Facial Palsy UK support group)

Mr Charles Nduka - Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, Sussex, UK - Labbe Technique & Facial Therapy (Full facial function clinic and Facial Palsy UK support group)

Dr Babak Azizzadeh - California, USA - Smile Surgery

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