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The NHS and Facial Paralysis – talking to your GP

I grew up with really no support from the NHS.  I was never given eye drops or given any helpful ideas on how to manage with an eye that doesn’t close properly.  When I became an adult I asked for help but the doctor just said you can’t repair nerves, why didn’t he realise there was more to be done than just tell me this was forever?  What about eye drops?  What about taping the eye down at night to give it some relief? Continue reading

Gold weight eyelid operation for Facial Paralysis

Gold weight eyelid surgery recovery

24 hours after surgery

Well this week I put my brave head on and finally went for the gold weight surgery on my eyelid.  Today (48 hours later) I am still bruised but the swelling is going down slowly.

When I previously arranged the surgery which I later cancelled (should have been in April), I was supposed to have a general anaesthetic.  This time round they put me in for a local anaesthetic which I thought would be better, I’d feel more in control and not just wake up a different woman!  I should have known better really, for someone who has fainted twice before at the dentist, I was a bit silly not to realise what might happen!  Yes, I fainted on the operating table!  The surgeon was just about to put the weight in place when I had a funny turn, so they had to stop the operation halfway through and fill me full of sweet tea, glucose syrup and biscuits to bring my blood pressure and sugar levels back up.  Two hours later they took me back in and finished the operation.  The operation was not painful at all, I just felt very queasy at the sensations of them poking about in my eyelid and it was very hot in the operating theatre. Continue reading

Different kinds of facial paralysis

I am finding more and more people online have different degrees of facial paralysis and for many different reasons.  Some people’s facial palsy is caused by birth trauma, others by brain tumours, some by Moebius Syndrome, some by Bell’s Palsy, and I am sure there are plenty more to list. Continue reading