Facial Palsy UK Charity

The launch of the charity Facial Palsy UK brings new hope to people affected by facial paralysis. The charity aims to raise awareness, educate health professionals and set up much needed support groups across the UK. This new charity also has implications for people across the world, because it aims to raise funds for vital research into new treatments, the various causes and maybe one day even a cure! Currently there is a misconception that facial palsy is purely a cosmetic condition when in fact it has far-reaching effects on mental health and inhibits various facial fuctions which we all need in our normal everyday lives.  Bell’s palsy is another often misunderstood condition and the charity wants to ensure that anyone diagnosed with Bell’s palsy has access to information and is treated appropriately within the recommended timeframe, therefore giving people a greater chance of full recovery.  One of the unfortunate after-effects of Bell’s palsy can be synkinesis, there is treatment and help available, but people often don’t know how to access it, the charity aims to change that.

You can read some of the personal stories on the website here.  If people want to share their stories please contact the charity, every story shared helps raise awareness and helps others going through the same difficulties.

The charity also has an information video explaining some of the realities of living with facial paralysis.

I’m pleased to be involved with the new charity, we have done quite a lot of work already raising awareness in the media, but what we really need now is more funds. If you’d like to support the work of the charity you can find out more about how to make a donation here.

If you would like to make a difference to the lives of people with facial palsy then we would really appreciate your support, whether it be by donating your time, your skills or money.  Please contact the charity to find out how you can get involved.  Here’s hoping that together we can make a real difference to the lives of people with facial palsy.

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