A great summer with great friends

Just wanted to give a brief update on what I have been up to over the summer so far.  We kicked off the summer with a wonderful holiday to Dalyan in Turkey.  I am so glad we went to Turkey because the weather here in the UK has been pretty miserable really!  We hadn’t been abroad for over ten years on a proper family beach holiday and I had forgotten how much good it does you!  I have to say a special thank you to Anatolian Sky because the way they looked after us was excellent, we couldn’t have asked for more from a Tour Operator, we’d definitely recommend them for holidays in Turkey and will be traveling with them again.

Then last Friday I went to see Jo, one of the Courage to Smile mums and met her lovely family.  We had a lovely day at Stanwick Lakes and my husband is still aching from running about like a looney on the assault course!

Saturday was the Courage to Smile meeting in Manchester and we had a lovely time, there is something so nice about being in the company of people who look just like you, share the same confidence issues and the same painful, dry eye issues (not that I would wish dry eye on anyone!).  Normally when I go on long train journeys with people I get so paranoid because my eye drys out with the air conditioning and I look a bit freaky by the end of it, but knowing that everyone I was meeting understood the difficulties made such a difference.  For once it didn’t ruin my day out and I just kept sticking the eyedrops in and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Normally I get paranoid about the ensuing blinkfest but not this time!

Next meeting will be in Nuneaton in November and I will update the Facial Nerve Palsy site soon.  Meeting others who also live with facial paralysis really is wonderful medicine!

I am also going to approach the local newspaper soon to see if they can help raise awareness of facial palsy, so will keep you posted as to how that goes.

A special thank you to my Courage to Smile friends for making the weekend so special…




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