Facial Palsy, CHARGE Syndrome and some questions

I’m a little puzzled right now about my own facial palsy.  We were told it was probably due to birth trauma because I was a facial presentation.  However, close family members also have hypospadias and undescended testicles, and I have found out that these and facial palsy can be problems associated with CHARGE syndrome.  I have also been told that CHARGE syndrome doesn’t tend to occur frequently in families even though it is of genetic origin.

I’m wondering if anyone has ever known a facial presentation to cause facial paralysis before, can it really cause that much damage to a facial nerve?  Also, when I went to see a consultant plastic surgeon recently he told me there might be something else going on with the cause of my facial palsy due to a slight difference in the alignment of my outer eyelids.  He mentioned hemifacial microsomia but said it was unlikely but he thought he should check it.  Now I have spoken to a mum of two children with CHARGE and found out it does show up in more than one child.  Should I be getting tested?

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