Complications with Gold Weight in Eyelid

Well today has been eventful.  Since Saturday my eye has got progressively worse, it went from droopy eyelid to virtually closed-up eyelid and then to Karen “no see” eye!!!  I am 7 weeks post gold weight eyelid surgery and up until now the eyelid was droopy but not swollen.  Suddenly I find myself not able to drive and only able to type on my laptop because I can look “down” at the keyboard.  I managed to get an appointment to see the duty doctor at the hospital and was promptly taken in for the routine eye test to which I objected!  Why the heck are they trying to get me to read the sight charts when it is quite obvious I cannot open one eye?!!  DUH!!  They tried to push me to have it done but I am afraid I was naughty and refused and just said I wanted to see the doctor because my eye was swollen up, I did not want to know whether I could magically read through my eyelid!!  So then I am sent back out again to sit with Brian by which time I was feeling quite faint (again!) and tearful, I am not sure why hospitals do that to me, I think it is the heat in those places or the scary men with knives!  They said I would have a long wait to see the duty doctor but to their credit it wasn’t actually that long, but then I was asked to come through to see him and he kind of sat me down in a waiting area and he remained standing, then he tried to have a conversation with me.  So I am sitting down with an eyelid that is hanging low down virtually right across my eye and this exceedingly tall doctor is expecting me to look up at him and make conversation.  Where is the common sense in this world?

So anyway, the doctor looked at my eye and decided it probably wasn’t an infection.  They did take my temperature earlier and said I was running a bit of a fever (I had this awful feeling they were going to stick the thermometer up my backside, don’t ask me why, I just thought it would be typical of my day if they did!).  The doctor thought I was having a bad reaction to the gold weight and asked if I thought I might be pregnant, for a minute it went through my head, is an inflamed eyelid a symptom of pregnancy then?  And then I realised it was because he wanted to put me on steroids to which my first thought was I am going to start growing a beard (you see how stupid my head is today?).   Now I have steroid eye drops and steroid cream to put on my eyelid, on the instruction leaflet it clearly says “do not use on the face and do not get in the eye” but what the hell, these doctors should know what they are doing, shouldn’t they?  And I had to pay nearly £15 for the pleasure of receiving this medication so might as well use it in the hope I will regain my eyesight.  So now each time I squirt an eye drop in my eye I can taste the steroid stuff in the back of my throat, nice…  Brian thinks I may be puffed up like Big Bertha in the morning with huge muscles, not sure whether that is a wishful think or not!

I have to go back to the hospital on Friday if things don’t improve and if not I can see the consultant when he gets back from his holidays because apparently these eye ops are “his baby”.  I know he will sort it out but two weeks seems a long way off, the hospital is so badly short staffed and I just want the thing sorted now.  Not being able to drive is a pain in the backside but hey ho, I’m not dying, it should be easily reversible (or so I was told) but sometimes you just long for a bit of good old fashioned reassurance.  I’m sick of moaning on Facebook about my eye, I’m sure everyone else is sick of it too, so I am taking it out on my blog and will probably just share the link for anyone interested.  Here is the dreaded eye, you wouldn’t start a night like this, would you?

Complications of gold weight eyelid surgery

3 thoughts on “Complications with Gold Weight in Eyelid

  1. Martin Peters

    Do you know that gold implants sometimes cause complications. Platinum is a better base for the implant and is widely used nowadays instead of gold for eyelid implants due to a much much lower level of adverse reactions. It would not be a big operation to replace the gold implant with a platinum one.

  2. Colette Winston

    I was glad to read your blog and I hope that you are doing better now. It sounds like you had a reaction to the gold. I agree with the earlier post that platinum might be better for you. I am having the procedure done this Wednesday. I have had facial palsy since birth and I try not to dwell on it although it has affected my social confidence for sure.

    1. Louise

      Hi Colette, I too am thinking of having the platinum chain , but Im still undecided , would be so grateful to hear from you about your experiences with it.
      thankyou, from louise


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