Feeling a little happier about my Facial Palsy today

Well I have been to see my doctor, I really thought she was going to say I was talking nonsense but she was great.  She said she could see what I meant about the dips in my face and she would refer me to a plastic surgeon so they can see what they can do for me.  I feel so much happier now that I know it’s not all in my head, haha.  My lovely husband of course is going to say I look fine but I know that people have started mentioning it so it must be getting more noticeable as I get older.

I was actually beginning to feel like one of those cartoon witches, Evil Edna, here’s just hoping I don’t end up going the other way and looking like a Barbie doll with a plastic face!  I just want the face I should have had, to grow old gracefully but not at an accelerated rate because of the facial palsy.

Oh and a note to my dear reader who keeps trying to post links to their website by saying “Have patients”, the spelling is “patience” my dear, and no I won’t approve your link however relevant it is, because you are basically spamming my blog to try and promote your own website.  It’s bad enough having facial palsy without bright sparks posting half-baked comments trying to to use my website to promote their own.  This website and blog is to share a very mentally painful and emotionally charged topic, to help bring people together on Courage to Smile (my favourite Facebook hideaway), this is not a vehicle for other people to promote their commercial websites about plastic surgery so “jog on” any chancers.

Oh I feel so much better for having a moan, haha.

On another note, the Courage to Smileys are getting together for a meet-up on May 7th, there’s one in London and there will also be one in the US.  Make sure you join the Facebook group so you can find out what it is all about.  Anyone with Facial Palsy is welcome or if you are a parent of a child with Facial Palsy then you are also welcome.  Some people are bringing partners and families but many are coming alone.  We haven’t finalised the details yet but it will be a drink and a meal somewhere.  Okay well that’s all for today, I will keep you updated with my plastic surgery adventures!

One thought on “Feeling a little happier about my Facial Palsy today

  1. Louise

    Hi, I am considering having a platinum chain in my eye. I currently have an eye spring, but its causing a few problems. I would be so grateful to hear from anyone who has had a platinum chain inserted. I would also love to meet anyone thats had it done. I am so worried about having it done and making my decision as I would be sacrificing loosing the spring in my eye. But hope to improve it somehow.
    thankyou , from louise


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